'being at home'

'What does it mean to feel at home? What does it mean to identify yourself with a culture? The experience of feeling at home in a place is not easy to articulate. Like many good things, if it is there it is often more or less invisible - a framework in which we live and of which we are usually not aware. Being at home is a valuable experience that claims feelings of comfort, security and familiarity. But from these positive aspects arise dangers. ‘Home’ and the associated dominant culture can be beneficial to some at the expense of others, restrictive of personal growth and autonomy, suspicious of change and difference, complacent and conservative. What is this ‘Home’ in Maastricht? Can we identify ourselves with the dominant culture? And where is our counter-narrative?'This Tuesday M:OED opens a pop-up exhibition at the Wycker Brugstraat 10 in Wyck. Pass by to engage and find out what it means to have a feeling of being at home, being in one’s element.

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