'the gates of nuth'

Pattern of painted graffiti in a public space.

My preference is to paint 'the gates of nuth'- the viaduct passageways Stationstraat and Nuinhofstraat / Spoorstraat downtown Nuth- the same way. This creates an 'aha experience', which I have seen before. The budget that is available for the painting and the roughness of the surface of the walls of the viaducts require a monumental approach, so not detailed and a simple way of applying the paint. Principles for making the design for the painting of the viaducts in nuth: making the gray tunnels public. The idea that graffiti is a nuisance and must always be removed. Normally graffiti is painted over with a paint roller. Often the paint color is not right, just a shade too light or too dark. In fact, there is a new graffiti, but then in an abstract form, geometric planes arise. A design/pattern of painted graffiti. Everything is painted with the roller, this creates a specific shape character.Should there be any damage, read graffiti, you can simply paint over it in the same style. The artwork then changes minimally and the total image becomes richer.